About Us

CV.KURNIA AGUNG LESTARI is a company engaged in Water & Waste Water Treatment which has a solution to the problems of water and backed by an experienced expert.

With the motto "Good Water-Good Life", CV.KURNIA AGUNG LESTARI burden to participate in improving water quality. CV.KURNIA AGUNG LESTARI is a Distributor Partnership with prominent product water treatment equipment (ex Germany) and Activated HAYCARB carbone solution from Srilangka. which started its activities since 2003. and to date has a lot to prove / provide results on several projects taps, Water Treatment Plant / Waste Water Treatment Plant / Sewage Treatment Plant in this archipelago. This means CV.KURNIA AGUNG LESTARI assisted the parties concerned, together have been instrumental in improving the nation's quality of life through improvement of water quality. Of course to achieve the target of "Good Water-God Life" we expect a wider cooperation to all parties.